Why not having a playable female character is okay in FFXV, but not in AC: Unity

Girls, I know we’ve all been sort of waving our “feminism” signs out in the open lately, and trust me, I get it. I’m a woman too after all. The real problem with a lot of video games is that the audience and producers for them are both still widely accepted as primarily male. That said, there’s a reason why the lack of women in FFXV should not be an issue, and why that same lack of women in Assassin’s Creed: Unity should be.

With FFXV. First of all, what women are beginning to forget is that, since we all feel so taken for granted in the world of gaming, we don’t recognize when games like FFXV are trying to do their own thing. What makes FFXV ok being an all male cast is that it is entirely normal in the real world for a bunch of young men to take a road trip together to do whatever boys do. In this case, in the world of Final Fantasy, boys slay monsters. Even in the world of Final Fantasy, guys should not always need a woman hanging around to validate them, just as a group of women shouldn’t need a man to validate them. That said, this game wasn’t accidentally put together without women. It decided to exclude them because it had a reason to. End of story.

Now, AC: Unity on the other hand. The reason why not having a woman in Unity is absolutely not okay starts with the excuse that Ubisoft gave gamers. In a nutshell “we’re too lazy.” Totally not ok. This is even more not okay when you consider the fact that the reason they told gamers they wouldn’t create a female character in Unity was because it would take to long to change the animations and clothing to match her body type. This after they already made AC: Liberation with a completely female assassin less than 5 years ago. What makes this even more not ok is the fact that Assassin’s Creed is notorious for building over sexualized male characters like Ezio and Edward who use up women like toilet paper. But who doesn’t like a good play boy? Still, what absolutely takes the cake in Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the fact that it’s set during the French Revolution—when some of the most famous assassins at that time and place were historically women. They even made four playable characters for this game—none of them seeming to have extensive backstory just yet. So what none of us can really understand is why—-after all this—-they couldn’t just make a single person of the four playable assassins, a woman. There’s no reason for it.

So you see. That’s the real difference.


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